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Research & Development
The R&D unit is recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi.



By creating Genetic variability to suit various agro climatic zones with wider adaptability by producing hybrids of various staple length, high strength and a biotic stress tolerance in cotton.

Infrastructure of our R & D:
Well maintained Research Farm of 140 acres. Research & Development
About 55000 Sq.Ft. contained Green House.
Separate ginning facility for Germplasm and other breeding lines.
State of art fiber testing lab (HVI)
Well equipped seed testing laboratory
Separate Dehumidified cold storage facility for Germplasm and Breeding lines.
State of art Biotech facility for testing the presence of Bt Gene.
Insect rearing and leaf bio assay facility for assisting biotechnological research
Ongoing Projects:

Collection, conservation, evaluation, documentation and utilization in crop improvement.

  • To develop earliness in Cotton Hybrids.
  • To develop dwarf and compact lines.
  • To improve boll size and yield.
  • To create drought tolerant lines
  • To develop pest tolerant lines by Conventional Breeding and transgressing with Bt Genes.
  • To screen and evolve lines for CLCV disease for North Indian Conditions.
  • To evolve varieties having staple varying from 26 mm to 38 mm for different purposes.
  • To develop lines with high ginning.
  • To develop lines with high fibre strength.
  • CMS Conversion
  • GMS Conversion
  • Development of Restorer and Maintainer lines
  • Synthesis of hybrids to suit various agro climatic conditions
Highlights of our R & D:
  • Rasi Seeds is the 2nd company to obtain regulartory approval for its popular RCH 2 Bt
  • Well-maintained Research Farm of 140 acres and about 55000 Sq.Ft. contained Green House
  • State of art fibre testing lab (HVI)
  • Well equipped seed testing laboratory
  • Separate dehumidified cold storage facility for Germplasm and Breeding lines
  • A modern high throughput biotech facility for molecular breeding, transgenic crops production and testing
  • Over 20 million acres have been covered by our own cotton hybrids
  • Insect rearing and leaf bio assay facility for assisting biotechnological research products
  • RCH 2 is one among the very few proprietary Research Hybrids that has been notified by the Government of India
  • The cotton hybrids RCH2, RCH 20, RCH 134 and RCH 138 were among the top ranking hybrids evaluated in the All India Co-ordinated Cotton Improvement Project
  • Development of 1405 hybrids of diverse characteristics
  • Testing centres in various zones for multi-location trials to evaluate hybrids for suitability
  • R&D is capable of Breeding intra Hirsutum (H X H), intra Barbadense (B x B) and inter specific (H X B) hybrids and hybrids with high ginning percentage

The company is committed to serve the Indian farmers by following new and powerful technologies in crop improvement. This is accomplished by creating  a new State of the Art Biotechnology laboratories and crop breeding facilities at Attur, near Salem in Tamil Nadu. The investment for the new center is about Rs. 10 Crores. The new R&D Center was inaugurated on 10th October 2008. The new R&D facilities have laboratories for biotech research, crops research, germplsam conservation, insect bioassay laboratory, library and documentation, and other facilities that cover an area of 40,000 sq. ft.  Excellent and modern facilities have been created for undertaking crop biotech research with dedicated and proficient scientific staffs in our R&D centre. The biotech labs are equipped with modern equipments such as PCR machines, refrigerated centrifuges, DNA gel documentation system, various DNA electrophoresis systems including nucleotide sequencing facility, freeze-dryer and various other equipments.  A new transgenic greenhouse following the biosafety guidelines of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India has also been created. In addition, the R & D center is well equipped with infrastructural facilities that include research farm of 140 acres, 55000 Sq.Ft. transgenic greenhouse, Seed quality control laboratory, and a State of the art seed processing facilities.

The crop biotechnology activities are carried out in a well equipped Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory. A tissue culture facility to undertake genetic transformation of desirable genes in crops is fully functional.

The main biotech research areas in cotton and different crops include Germplasm characterization through DNA-based markers, DNA fingerprinting of proprietary lines, Marker-assisted selection in cotton, rice and tomato, Bt gene expression and quantification in cotton and development of molecular markers for genetic purity in seeds.

Our Genetic Transformation Laboratory conducts research on development of transgenic crops by transferring Bt genes in rice, brinjal, and bhendi (okra) to protect again borer pests. Further, attempts are also made to incorporate viral resistance genes in bhendi to protect against bhendi yellow vein mosaic disease, in cassava to protect against cassava mosaic disease and in cotton to protect against cotton leaf curl virus.

Studies to diagnose viral diseases, such as cotton leaf curl virus, cassava mosaic virus and bhendi yellow vein mosaic virus are also undertaken, through PCR-based assays.

The future thrust our center would be on marker-assisted selection using DNA markers for several important traits in crops such as rice, wheat, cotton and vegetables. This will involve integration of crop breeding and biotechnology including bioinformatics. We also will intensify our transgenic research in different field crops and vegetables for agronomically important traits besides quality traits.


Bollgard Cotton
Bt CottonThe company is already well known for its pioneering efforts in Hybrid Cotton, has once again proved by ushering into Bt cotton (Insect resistant cotton) Technology. The company has entered into tie-up with Monsanto in 1999 to commercialize hybrid cotton with Bollgard technology. The second company in Indian seed industry to do so with its hybrids. The company has got approval for commercial release of RCH 2 Bt in the year 2004. Subsequently with an impressive line up of 25 products under Bt and BG II like RCH 134 Bt, RCH 20 Bt, RCH 118 Bt, RCH 138 Bt, RCH 2 BG II, RCH 515 BG II, RCH 530 BG II etc. created a wave in the market. Under ELS segment also the company has released RCHB 708 Bt which is being rated as high yielding hybrid in that segment. With this strength Rasi has emerged as market leader in the Bt cotton seed sales in India.
Bollgard I hybrids
North Zone Central Zone South Zone
RCH 134 Bt RCH 2 Bt RCH 2 Bt
RCH 317 Bt RCH 118 Bt RCH 20 Bt (Srinidi Bt)
RCH 308 Bt RCH 138 Bt (Shakthi 9 Bt) RCH 368 Bt
RCH 314 Bt (Mothi Bt) RCH 144 Bt RCH 111 Bt
  RCH 377 Bt (Alto Bt) RCH 371 Bt
  RCH 386 Bt RCHB 708 Bt
Bollgard II hybrids
North Zone Central Zone South Zone






  RCH 578 BG II RCH 533 BG II
  RCH 584 BG II  
Bollgard II hybrids
Breeding research for development of single cross, modified single cross and three way cross hybrids for high yield with orange yellow grain colour and semi dent character.
On going Projects:
Sourcing, evaluation and maintanance of germplasm lines
Breeding for new lines with earliness, erect and narrow leaves, high perse and orange grain colour with flint or semident character.
Development of new single cross, modified single cross and three way cross hybrids for evaluation and identification of high yield hybrid combinations.
Maintenance breeding for parental purity
Aiming for hybrids with earliness, high yield, high quality and drought tolerance
In order to bridge the gap in demand and supply of oil seeds in India  Rasi Seeds has initiated breeding programmes for developing high yielding hybrids with quality. 
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